WATCH: Nic Marks TEDx talk on Happiness at work

Recently, I gave this TEDx talk in beautiful theatre in Budapest. I wanted to challenge the widely held belief that the words ‘happiness’ and ‘work’ don’t belong in the same sentence. I present evidence about how functional happiness is by helping us create and seize opportunities as well build relationships. In a business context happiness at work helps foster a creative innovative culture and improves business performance. After making the case for happiness I go on to talk about what the key actions a business leader can take to improve the happiness of their workplace and present some interesting case studies.

All of this in just 17 minutes! I hope you enjoy it.

Nic MarksNic Marks is the CEO and founder of Happiness Works. Nic’s work in happiness and wellbeing research methodology is world-renowned. His love of using applied statistics to ground wellbeing and happiness in hard evidence has led to worldwide acclaim and the realization that happiness is a serious business.

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